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  • Integrated annual Report 2021

    In 2021 we implemented our strategy

    Identifying and adhering to a unified approach

    Create long-term value with a patient-centric approach

    By focusing, we can invest in innovative programs, drive the maximum impact on patient care and advance the practice of medicine. Our success in 2021 was a clear indication of the concrete value we can create with the right focus.

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    Engage with all our stakeholders

    “Together” represents the many relationships that empower us. The numerous partnerships and new business opportunities we established in 2021 speak to the progress we’ve already made.

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    Enable access to innovative treatments

    Ipsen’s patient-centric approach is at the core of what we do. In 2021, we focused on the quality of life for patients. We’ve gathered data from clinical trials and conducted quality-of-life questionnaires that speak to the efficacy of this element of our strategy.

    Contribute to a sustainable future

    As a global company, we recognize the impact we can have on the local communities in which we operate. In 2021, we set ambitious targets to limit climate change, and joined the Business Ambition for 1.5°C.

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    Strategy and progress

    A conversation with David Loew, Chief Executive Officer

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    How has Ipsen’s strategy Focus. Together. For patients & society, supported the company’s ambitions?

    In 2021, we conducted seven deals across the full spectrum of our pipeline.


    First, it’s enabled us to deliberately pinpoint and select what we want to achieve, then take concrete steps towards those goals. This is what we mean by Focus. Throughout 2021, we have developed our decision-making approach, which has led to better discussions on our objectives.


    On Together, we’re collaborating more efficiently internally, while, at the same time, strengthening connections with external stakeholders, such as patient groups and opinion leaders. If we want to redefine healthcare, these things go together.


    Around Patients, among other things, we have redefined patient-centricity, improving our understanding of patient experiences within different healthcare systems around the world. For example, we have gained a clearer understanding of patients’ treatment and care needs.


    Finally, on Society, in 2021 we announced our new objectives for supporting communities and protecting the environment. We have defined more ambitious 2030 targets, as demonstrated by our decision to join the Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign. We are committed to delivering science-based emissions reduction by working with all our value-chain partners.


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    "I’ve been hugely impressed by the energy and passion Ipsen’s people have brought to the journey so far. Their commitment can be felt across every function and business unit."
    - David Loew, Chief Executive Officer

    Turning strategy into action, every day

    It’s essential to ensure our teams are able to put our strategy into practice every day with concrete actions.
    The four pillars of the strategy guide our decision-making :
    • Bring the full potential of our innovative medicines to patients
    • Build a high-value sustainable pipeline
    • Deliver efficiencies to enable targeted investments and support our growth
    • Boost a culture of collaboration and excellence


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    2021 in numbers

    Our financial results


    Channeling our efforts

    to become an industry leader

    Building sustainable value with our Oncology portfolio

    Oncology is the largest of Ipsen’s portfolios, accounting for 75% of sales in 2021. We have continued to invest in this core area of our business, harnessing our expertise and long-standing heritage in oncology to deliver outcomes that matter most to patients.


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    Building a portfolio of treatments for Rare Disease

    Ipsen is committed to developing treatments to help improve the quality of life for people living with rare diseases. Placing patients at the center of what they do, our Rare Disease teams research and trial new approaches to treating rare and often misunderstood conditions.


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    Driving a revolution
    in Neuroscience

    Neuroscience is a key strategic driver for our business. More than 30 years of expertise in toxins and neuroscience research provides the foundation for Ipsen’s exciting next chapter: creating long-acting neurotoxins (LANTs). Having laid the groundwork, we are ready to help shape the future of this industry.


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    Driving growth in a recovering Consumer HealthCare market

    For more than 90 years, Ipsen has built a solid Consumer HealthCare (CHC) business with a large portfolio of prescription and over-the-counter (OTx) treatments.


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    Committed to patients

    We are building a robust, balanced and sustainable pipeline to improve patients’ lives and health outcomes.