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  • Integrated annual Report 2021

    A more sustainable approach

    in line with our CSR strategy

    Why is our website eco-designed?

    Environmental issues have led us to rethink the way we communicate and create our digital materials using eco-design.


    This approach aims to reduce the environmental footprint of digital services by taking their life cycle into account and by optimizing the use of energy resources.

    How did we reduce the energy consumption of our website?

    By focusing on different aspects

    Visual optimization

    ■ We applied a light blue filter to all visuals to darken and reduce their power consumption when displayed.


    ■ The visuals have been compressed as much as possible.


    ■ We used the .svg format for all illustrations. Its code form allows it to be lighter and better optimized than other formats.

    Thought-out animations

    ■ We added animated content only when it was useful for navigation and for understanding information.


    ■ For some of the animations, we created a system where the content unfolds and closes, thus limiting content display.

    Colors that consume less

    ■ We used colors that save power.

    Fewer requests

    ■ We reduced the number of requests by limiting the number of visuals and fonts.


    ■ We created a system where users can share certain elements of the website directly to their own LinkedIn. By developing this feature, we reduced the number of requests.

    One single style sheet

    ■ The number of CSS files has been limited to 6.


    ■ The layout of HTML elements has been concentrated on a single style sheet.

    Optimization of page depth

    The content was designed for the web to reduce scrolling.

    Comparing our IAR 2021 website VS. the 2020 website

    Reduced water consumption and CO2 emissions

    Not forgetting accessibility

    making content more accessible for people with disabilities

    ■ We chose contrasting text and background colors to improve readability.


    ■ Text size has been designed to fit most screens.


    ■ Headings, sub-headings and key figures are more prominent, larger and bold.