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  • Integrated annual Report 2021

    Partnerships, Stakeholders


    an integral part of our success story

    Prolonging and improving patients’ lives and health outcomes is our core mission – to this end, we develop partnerships with all of our stakeholders and act to provide concrete responses to their needs and expectations.


    We maintain transparency and open dialogue with employees, healthcare professionals and patients, investors and the financial community, suppliers and partners, regulatory authorities and agencies, local communities and the media. Through our work with patient organisations, we support a patient’s wider network, including their family and caregivers.


    Our suppliers, R&D collaborators, centers of excellence and partners in academia are also stakeholders. They contribute to help create value for the business and for patients and communities. Our stakeholders encompass our local and global communities, our investors and the general public.

    Partnerships built on trust

    Our close relationships with all stakeholders enable our operational excellence, as we provide differentiated and innovative solutions for patients. We ensure that three things underpin every partnership:


    We build relationships based on mutual goals. We view every partnership opportunity as a unique process, customized to our partner’s aims and ambitions.


    We work together with our stakeholders. We match stakeholders with an Ipsen specialist with expertise in their area of focus. They adopt a collaborative mindset, to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.


    We believe in collaboration and transparency. Our stakeholders have dedicated contact persons within Ipsen who are transparent and stay fully engaged with them throughout our partnership.

    Connections are the key

    Working with our broad network of stakeholders is the most important way we identify unmet needs in the communities we serve. This helps us increase access to our life-improving treatments.


    As the COVID-19 pandemic revealed, there are serious gaps in the global availability of medical care. To tackle this issue in our complex and highly specialized disease areas, we need to work with all stakeholders in the healthcare system to change the paradigm.


    In consultation with patient organizations, Ipsen commissioned a survey of 103 such groups across the globe, representing oncology, neuroscience and rare disease across a range of organization types (national, global, regional and umbrella). In 2021, Ipsen’s patient engagement performance scored a mean average of 8.4 out of 10.


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